by Brian Tomasik
First written: 12 Mar. 2015; last update: 28 May 2015


Soros Fund Management offers far and away the most generous corporate donation-matching program I've ever seen: If you donate $100K to US charities, the company will donate an additional $300K. This is an amazing opportunity, and more effective altruists should consider applying to Soros Fund Management.

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Introduction to donation matching

Introduction to Soros Fund Management

Info about Soros matching program

Since the match is open to all full-time employees, you don't have to be a hedge-fund guru. You could get a programming, legal, etc. job at the company and still qualify. It's hard to find information on what positions are available, since the company doesn't appear to have a website, but here are some positions for which people interviewed.

Software jobs at Soros

A friend compiled the following based on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn has 238 current Soros Fund Management employees on it, of whom 16 identify as being in the IT industry. I think those numbers are pretty close to the true numbers, by comparing the LinkedIn measurement to employee counts on companies where I actually have the latter data point. This website reckons that they had 160 employees in 2011, which sort of matches?

The IT people seem to do Windows development: Windows Server, .NET, C#, and so on. Most of them had several years’ experience before getting to Soros Fund Management. Many of them have official developer accreditations.